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Creating trust by experience

About us

We stage

product experiences

and thus create trust

Brands must deliver on their promises. And the best way to do this is through real evidence, e.g., about their product. We help companies to be credible, to inspire confidence and to act authentically and pertinently. Whether it be in the area of sales, after sales, or at events and trade fairs, we present our customers’ products – sensorily or digitally – in such a way that the focus is on the experience with the product.

About us

We create


and we have the necessary expertise and networks

We want to understand our customers and their strategy, because only then can we develop the right project design and assemble the team via our network. Where appropriate, we add the necessary technology using existing tools or create individual solutions.

How we work

Project design

We love processes

Designing projects and developing processes is embedded in our DNA. It is important for us to make it easy for our customers and the team with standardised or customised processes, and to manage projects in a highly productive manner.

Whether it be creating a team that is needed for the project or a digital platform to organise the project – we define the framework conditions and requirements together with our customers and mould them into a transparent process.

How we work


We want to understand

In order to start a project meaningfully, it is important for us to gain an insight into the customer’s brand and processes. If we know what their goals are, which target group we are talking to, what role their product plays in relation to the brand and how this can strengthen the brand, we’ll also understand how we have to set up the project and what solutions are needed. We are also happy to analyse the project and advise you on what it needs, e.g., a sales activity, an event or an after-sales measure.

Together we will find a way and a process that turns the product into a hero and the end customer into a fan.

Touchpoints become

trust points

Our network grow over the past 15 years. Helped by people with strong expertise in their specialist area, we create teams that turn products into an experience at the POS, at trade fairs and events, or even digitally. In this way, they create trust in our customers' products and touchpoints become real trustpoints.

How we work


We are a breathing company

Our network has grown over the years and today we work with many specialists who support us. Whether it be caterers for an event, hostesses for a trade fair or software developers for our tools, we draw from a large pool of people who work with us on projects and who have become dear to us. We believe that things work well when people trust one another and are given the necessary freedom to do their job well.

For the area of specialist consulting, we are always looking for new people who, in addition to their main or part-time job, enjoy advising end customers on-site at the POS or digitally. With the possibility of online consultation, you are not tied to one location and can work from home comfortably.

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How we work


We create spaces
through digital solutions

We are true digital enthusiasts and believe that in order to simplify things, we need technical solutions. But never without people. In order to make processes easier and to interconnect our customers, our network and our freelancers and to provide orientation, we have created different digital platforms that are intended to create freedom and make work easier according to the topic.

The digital balance supports us here as a partner. Whether it’s a tool for running events, logistics or a digital shop window for products, we already have the platform – or we create an individual tool that fits the project requirements.

Our partner for digital solutions:
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Customer testimonials
With our jointly-developed digital assistant “DATZI”, we have created a tool to our own specifications that allows us to prepare for customer meetings, to plan specialist consultations and their success, and the handling of sell-out data is made much easier and enables us to work even more effectively and faster on the development of our customers.
Christian Kary
Regional Sales Manager Germany and Austria
KitchenAid Germany


With be a part, nothing is impossible. Due to the flexibility and speed of collaboration, we can always inspire our customers at trade fairs and events.
Dominic Illi
Channel Marketing Manager at Signify
Customer testimonials
Team bap and Team KitchenAid go hand-in-hand. Thanks to the bap team flexibility and many years of experience, we are grateful for a diverse and successful partnership and collaboration in our core areas of specialist consultation, trade fairs, events and more. Here’s to many more success stories!
Emanuel Spulak
Head of Marketing Direct Markets at KitchenAid


Working with and involving bap projects in our large events and campaign activities definitely adds extra value to our organisation with regard to creativity, follow-up and the professional marketing approach.
Linda Hilberdink
Senior EMEA Events Manager at Genesys


Collaboration with be a part is always done on a level playing field. They like to lead the way with their innovative ideas and create experiences. The focus is on people and challenges are mastered with a lot of heart and efficiency.  It is always a great pleasure to work on projects together.
Anika Völger
Project Manager at digital balance GmbH

Strong brands demand


A strong brand depends on strong DNA, a clear position and its attitude. However, a brand can only exist if it has a product that delivers what the brand promises.


Product Experience


We see the product throughout the entire consumer journey as a point of contact and experience, especially at the POS, as this is where we have live contact with the customer.

With 15 years of experience, we understand the dynamics at the POS and thus design projects successfully.

Our success factors for project design at the POS:  Our network of freelancers. They inspire trust in the brand and in the product.

Our specially developed tool summarises annual and operational planning, sell-in/sell-out reports, trading partner development and invoicing for all project participants and provides strategic insights.

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Product Experience

DIGITAL Expert Advice


The digital expert advice is a good way to further digitalise your business and thus improve your ecological footprint. It also gives the opportunity to involve people who are not mobile, e.g. due to a handicap.

In addition to product advice at the POS, we offer digital expert advice, in 1:1 or as a workshop: By that, we create a digital experience showroom for brands and accompany customers on their product journey - independent of time and place.

With this service, we expand the B2C strategy with a live consultation and noticeably reduce the complaint rate.

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A special kind of service – our competent team will go directly to your customers’ homes or their place of work; precisely where the product in question will be used. During a 1:1 consultation, the tips and tricks will be explained by the professional and the product perfectly attuned to the customer.

With our flexible booking option, our consulting service is also available outside of normal business hours, completely adapted to the needs of the customer. Your brand has never been so close to the shopper, and our recommendation rate is over 95%.

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Product Experience

Promotion & GWP*


Accompany your shoppers on their journey and reward them for their purchase with an additional product.

Our end2end-process is automated to the maximum - from registration to dispatch - all from a single source. In addition, you receive good insights through our data management in order to form the right strategy in the future or to promote certain touch points.

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